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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 19, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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you should keep from april show missed the target the enemy is right in front of you hernandez of the rooms like this one at cac sorry at all. dvd. he's not suppose to be the foundation of government. will overthrow the assad regime and establish an islamic nation on this land. ok so the united states in cso says on the trusty up on trying to help and the whole day. it all over the stolen as he sold by the end of the year cb the amazing mean is there already has a lot he said. hero comes back here and got the house of government through today when the opposition forces are staging mortar attacks near damascus. oh just to draw media attention the government forces are
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winning battles in many regions the movie although president of the remains defiant. with the city has continued to hold for his tea pots. here in alaska i say this know it sounds all the stuff they do anytime soon. and in the meantime victims continue to show their true eighties he wrote down the steps. and i know more than ten days after typhoon honey and tore across the philippines the head of the world food programme says many survivors still have not received the helping me reality is that we know that there are many more people who have been impacted by the storm with what if we've reached one point and i mean people that think that there still people that we need to work to deliver food to ensure that we are meeting
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their nutritional requirements the wfp is just one of many organizations trying to support survivors at least three thousand nine hundred and eighty two people have been confirmed dead more than sixteen hundred people are missing in about four million have been affected. the disaster zone is spread across many islands block roads have prevented it from reaching some remote areas. we're working to get better for me to continue to partner with both the government the antioch community the red cross ah and they both national and international partners to ensure that every person that had been impacted by the storm. who needs food assistance received from this awful ha island aid is reaching people in towns and cities like tackle by cancer being set up for families who lost their homes. i have
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never gotten to me. teams are extremely difficult for us to look at me. some members of our family are amazing. we can only deal with. i don't have the money. power supplies were restored to some parts of lake the island on monday night but in other areas as well as on the nearby island of samar relief efforts are still limited. japanese experts studying satellite data of typhoon high and say it created a wall of water about five meters high and the tidal surge smashed into the coastline of late the island and other parts of the central philippines officials at japan's meter logical agency sent the title data to the philippine government. it shows a dramatic change in water levels over a period of a few hours. the approaching typhoon first sock to wander away from the coastline and cars that i'd marked in purple to fall. at this point
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it was more than one meter lower than usual. two hours later the typhoon and passed in the wind began to change direction. the tide shifted from a category yellow to red meteorologists believe it was about five meters high as it swept back in. over the coast. the cancellation show that the tide reached the height of up to one point seven meters in northern sibu island and three point two meters in northern maine island. seventy eight the typhoon passed through relatively shallow. orders will be a cause a high tides to watch out onto the island school with. experts say the speed of the tidal surge made things worse. footage taken in some long time and chose a wall of water crashing into the post with devastating impact. was at a university professor to where i should buy em i analyze the movement of the waves he
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says that the front. they were traveling at more than fifty kilometers per hour and then they struck with the force of a tsunami. you can earn the money one can easily get swept away by fast moving water. so it's important for people to stay away from order. ok that ended quickly when they're already in it. the japanese defence minister has called on the and private sectors to provide relief to the typhoon ravaged philippines. it's a little better said the self defense forces will airlift one ton of supplies to sable island. they could peep or diapers provided by silva prefecture. lovell in case another prediction is municipalities in groups to provide supplies you'd like to do this to do with them immediately to the affected areas. japan decided last week to send its biggest ever sts relief team of nearly twelve hundred personnel to
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vessels carrying the team left on monday. nepal has begun the process of electing an assembly tasks to do with drawing up a new constitution the himalayan nation abolish its centuries old monarchy in two thousand and eight. it has been mired in political confusion. ever since nhk world clocks one who print reports from outbound do with this he started lining up outside putting the season in the camp it is only tuesday morning. hopes of heidi that the links in detail in yet so funny because it kills o'neill to leave the contest was to make someone work together to establish a constitution is that i've ever gone to bed at a sit down. i was intellectually including our situation it. i also hope that i had to be controlling. this led some hope for a breakthrough of
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the team is skeptical that some of the student deceit and this indeed was it did five years will. what does jump in may last year to resolve the new stuff. ipod has been developing his days as a rule of india. i went to the beat them by keith got a new independent texans including the lunatic a mini spiky of nippon the least part one was to cease last time off for getting all a's and again. i'm nice to be interviewed by the previous biking into second place these guys. when they lose any of the pudding seemed to be uncomfortable and tuesday morning in june. one time. he has been banned. six if he could be on the conflicts in the staff and media. this country of twenty six million people in these he beat the cream on the bezel. but here's some footage of sucked
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in the hat on to become only the spectrum is even higher many of these new tie. these are sad not to expect it within two weeks. no mention of the spiky comes out. on top. but in a few people can we hope the links and read the plane. one of the shias twenties chief of the means so pretty in its key lot of fun. delegates from more than one hundred ninety countries and regions are trying to find common ground on the issue that's affecting communities worldwide. their meeting in warsaw to work out the details of a new framework for cutting greenhouse gas emissions ministers and other negotiators at the united nations climate change stocks have been debating the issue since last week. the new framework will apply to all countries from twenty twenty it will replace the kyoto protocol which only to find some industrialized nations the barman ministers want to
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finalize an agreement in two thousand and fifteen to discuss a timeline for countries to submit their reduction targets. but they're yet to go into the specifics of the framework under the kyoto protocol japan pledged to reduce its emissions by an average of six percent by two thousand and twelve compared to nineteen ninety levels. dr administered over to me she says. it's achieved that goal some claim tokyo's new target for twenty twenty and beyond is too low but the shiites as it's important to know that japan is giving ten talent they're giving technical and financial help to developing countries to cheat their reduction targets deep divisions remain among the parties meeting in warsaw nhk world sports commission palau reports. he read copy is a small island nation in the pacific ocean. i'd meet them. rising ocean levels of the eighty percent of the main island under water many also already vulnerable
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to high tides the experts also point out a possible link between global warming and to be awake. the temple was packed with heidi on which devastated part of the fear that he be the new beat four thousand people dead and sixteen hundred more are missing a report to the international panel on climate change says that it can beat the rico act average temperatures on the planet could rise by up to four point eight degrees by the end of this entry the international community has agreed to try to keep this temperature rise within two degrees. but officials at the un environment program say that piece of ribbon and it is too slow. in an emotional and contention negotiators at the pelicans which his counterparts around the will to act quickly excuse. we can stop the slide news right now
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right here in the middle of this football field and stopped moving the goalposts the uh the uh the team the delegate when the cars died of hunger strike to undermine it. and incompetence have decided to join him. in indiana. abyss of this year's conference is to read the groundwork for a new climate agreement that graduates greenhouse gas emissions beyond twenty twenty. un officials hope the agreement can be signed in twenty fifty. but so far negotiators have a euro to achieve real progress the european union and the united states disagree over when kind piece should submit their commitments to limit greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries in this that demand a trade measures should apply only to industrialized nations who they consider
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historically based possible local one. developing countries also demanded that the new fund set up to help them deal with the actors consequences of climate change. many industrialized nations are reluctant to contribute additional pounds some experts are pessimistic about the prospect of an agreement before the end of the conference. choose from we did was to call close friends to be a guiding current year as well the current opposition to the dentist was back and change. idolized him looking into bill clinton digital identities was thrown in it's going to get in because chances are great option for us on these issues with each contains a twenty one days to go and i'm not sure i meet them japan announced last
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week that they will be scheming down its self imposed greenhouse gas reduction targets the decision to a considerable international cricket. and it may stand as a pretext for other countries not to connect to the ambitious projects. when you come up in hq well. at a south korean show differences over how to evaluate green independence activist on june on the assassinated japan's first resident general in korea in nineteen oh nine i'm killed he told me people in the north eastern chinese city of harbin. soon after the incident japan's annexation of korea began ana was executed after the assassination. still had served as japan's first prime minister before assuming the post of dresden general in korea. south korean president cochrane and mets chinese state councilor yoon ji ji and thanked him to thank him for china's cooperation in a project to build a monument on in harbin but in tokyo chief cabinet
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secretary yoshida said to express displeasure over the project. can you let this man. japan has told the south korean government. that's in albion. and his criminal damage. state. i think that putting up a memorial to him will the auction held by left relations with. he can continue on. my mind. south korea sharply reacted on the sand a foreign ministry spokesperson told taylor said and sacrificed his life before independence of korea and peace in the region. we don't win on japanese politician should be aware of the responsibility and be home when reflecting on history. when i make efforts to understand the feelings of people in neighboring countries. really you wouldn't know who wins. in beijing foreign ministry spokesperson always said that on its also respected in
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china. ong said china is proceeding with the project according to regulations on one and it's related to foreign countries the biggest athletes in japan are fighting an hour for a prestigious prize there are taking part in mid november grand sumo tournament in fukuoka in the southwest the competition has been going on for ten days now and our civil reporter here emirate has been tracking every porsche and shout. and during didn't pan out the focal cup competition two men were tied for first place. there are cool and her mom has to deal with the grand champions. let's see how things played out for the two contenders on tuesday who is trying to capture is because the implement the tree to close out two thousand thirteen. it was not his style he took snow was gone the good days and will
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be without her and said that the total is this the law then the wonder girls to attend and all when was the coolest seven hundred second of march. note to top it is a big treat so passing of former eel was not at all his current pace motion of no problem eclipsing most aussie minus seven hundred six wins during this journey now how about that the most of this year he had been plagued by injuries but he is all healed up. that has tormented and i was in the last six the theory and ali ahmed who has completed its backs to the table getting plenty of water for his might the dead. isn't it
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the smell. the appeal ages and all is not the seat was competing in the top division for the baby birds on his record was a dismal one win and four losses up to the first five days but he's regrouped and looks like a different light the twenty one year old egyptian won four straight. his aggressive office was going to do soon the man squad. the us to use to get up quickly when he could and we don't mind missing his opponents. thank goodness we didn't want to read the epistle to the good of all political parties
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it's going to put it in his report backs. last week i noted the snow she was losing his self confidence so i gave him up at dawn to encourage it. well i guess it must of worked. finally here are the standings after ten minutes the picture of todd remains the same. we'll close enough to avoid democracy are still beyond skin. tied with backers of the week and today was just five days to go it's going to be very difficult for anyone to overtake the juvenile was not grand champion said. we can say that the chap you say praise has been whittled down to just two met michael hall and hung above the sea the two titans small piece off on the final day. we love that show that will most likely walk away with it and prescott. on the deck on monday to tell you all about there's a big winter storm in northeastern asia our meteorologist robert spencer has been following this
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situation robert. what are we looking at. a low rate now we are still watching the storm system and there really is one of these are early winter storms out here already up to the thirty seven meters has been reported in portions of northeastern chinese city center situation to stop because of a lost art. and as this does being here what it's doing its creed we call cia facts known that pushing on shore across portions of a whole greek going to topple cool it can still sing off by the fifteen centimeters in some areas that about thirty centimeters of snow fall as this week's new release the effect snow machine just continue to linger and pushes all that on short of the good news if you're on your course china import course is the far eastern russia. this is going to be tapering off is this pushes off that with ease by midweek but still expect this to continue to linger as far as eastern china father there towards the west behind a high pressure continues to court to stop the skinny bring in a very dry and cold air mass leader of the week should see some warming but until then it's comedic scenes clear skies and cool the air by next week. bomb early next
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week really long range should see another storm system come through and that's really to be the next day the weather maker but for now. they do it it's really up well. clear skies and temperatures on the cool side will of the court only odd one beijing at twelve soldiers that seventy to shanghai at sixteen now stop that air mass. we are seeing some rain showers kick up their bid to taipei was cloudy skies in hong kong which is for the hive twenty two. rain showers could be that they're into your forecast. the suva prison erica is where we'll talk about cool they are all high pressure is dominating much of the senate report says us movie which was the eastern seaboard behind that really the big topic as far as weather out here is the swell will crash area push into the pacific northwest this brings the gusty winds and the higher elevations the bbc the five fifty seven meters as well but generally widespread about ten centimeters could be expected there to the northern rockies and also the southern portions of canada in the higher elevations as this does push through it all there towards the east but this is what i really wanted to use the temperatures out
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in us that the topic at this time to travel just what i've said it expects the make it even cooler there for you why she's been the washington dc at night it went at fourteen that is your highs through the overnight hours is getting a push in the freezing mark so i do bundle up expecially on the kiwi do plan on heading out repairing around on early morning hours of here. i was going on in europe though the mccall they are actually crossed northern portions of the british isles. we have been seeing in some opry heavy snowfall some years the bbc about thirty centimeters with another low pressure that's coming in as they bring some gusty winds as well along with the heavy snowfall expects to reduce visibility z plan on traveling up their cross courses in scotland is this comes through in a big topic bill has been of the slow mo into the matter treaty and it has been korea's rough weather across portions of spain. now moving over their courts into the wee access and video are shaping up sucking. where allow all you see the flooding in for the telling authorities that cleared the us state of
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emergency there in sardinia on tuesday after the storm struck the island killing sixteen people leaving hundreds homeless the storm dropped more than four hundred and fifteen between the ears of rainfall in just ninety minutes causing rivers to burst their banks and eighty one zabeel called swaps of the island. now strewn with debris and mike waters. regional government or has actually describe the situation is tragic. it just goes along with the discount. hence a storm system really is not over yet still dripping off your course east over across portions of italy and then over the airport's the balkan peninsula does look you will whether is it for us. i am noon. i know. seems like this
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this is. act. the owner. did
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the dealer's choice the deaths of two thousand thirty. we'd like it opened a probe and you'd most like to watch again from a selection of nhk world tv programmes broadcast this year. we've created this awesome website where you can find information on the nominated programs including your thoughts and comments by a production team members. so please go to our website and vote now. i've. schools will
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suit any point. he had become screens the wind flowing
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through the freshly harvested fields groups. i knew i needed it. it's the transition between the two men winter the countryside is cloaked in silence. i'm more he shoots in a century old japanese own house. i love the new trough to cost each goal. the small pastel colored flowers the evening one nostril. creating a tranquil scene. i mean. he is
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cheese mostly to the knuckle now coming here. she's on tulips. a man unto the city all in a tight communities the lake and dino week to thirty cm from it. some will succeed. still tasty though that you'd love to cook on the time you're in rescue dawn. devil took the kitty unknown design of the kanye purity. the species who knew me in a coup for the demons we did some tummy needs to go home. no coupon go see the rain. cute movie optus underneath her or will it be alive. the devil. a couple
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keeling know. the dual cyclone. i will shoot on the lucy thinks that she lives it turned out cute though. they had its own. of course in iraq. see her. it took the call to blow any need the stopper two months for a wind tunnel. the owner in the sky. we're there are and what will teach you the whole scene until they experience the coldness of winter. this helps them and will get to play a little springtime sun comes around at the er. she told the news around the champs. the wall
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still with you. this can be enjoyed throughout winter or fall on teaching it comes to compete in spring she's a bit stuck it all. due to challenging me. look to see me now in its toll. the issue what the candidates you the unknown. both eighteen and eighteen income. most days the meantime i. i've. schl
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suit any point. he had become screens the wind flowing through the freshly harvested fields groups. i knew i needed it. it's the transition between the two men winter the countryside is cloaked in silence. i'm more he shoots in a century old japanese own house. i love the new trough to cost each goal. the small pastel colored flowers the evening one nostril


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